Travel Insurance is a major priority of the top tour operators. Without a proper Travel Insurance, your journey is always at risk. We would advise our clients to choose an insurance policy that coincides with the type of travel activities that they might be involved in. One must make sure that he has a significant travel insurance because by cutting out travel insurance you are actually opening yourself up for different travel risks such as lost or stolen luggage.

Furthermore, the insurance saves you from the danger of cancellation cover which means that if you are not able to travel to your destinations due to some unexpected medical conditions, the Travel Insurance can come to your rescue. Moreover, the most important aspect of Travel Insurance is that it saves you from the unexpected medical cost abroad.

Umrahnhajj makes sure that the trip suppliers provide you with the best traveling insurance. We will make sure that the insurance meets all of your safety standards. We can also provide you with proper counseling on the legal standards of the Insurance Company you are choosing. You can get our online travel insurance while booking your flights or packages. All your flights and the flight inclusive details are financially protected by ATOL inclusive of your travel insurance. Contact us for further queries.