What is the worth of Dua in Ibadaat

Dua is marked as the conversation with Allah who is our Creator and Lord. This act is considered to have extraordinary importance and value. It is the most relaxing conversation because a person can say anything without any hesitation. We all know that only Allah can understand our problems and can relief us from pain. We feel satisfied and internally relieved after telling our difficulties to Allah Almighty.
The most valuable and precious moment in human life is when he faces Allah and spends time with him alone. It is regarded as the most effective way to be alone with our Almighty Allah. To build a strong connection between Allah and yourself you need to make Dua. If you distance yourself from prayer and Dua you will take yourself away from Allah thus deteriorating your relation with Allah and bringing your religious activity to inactive state. Dua can be made at anytime and anywhere. There is no fixed place and time for making Dua. It is regarded as a magical weapon with the help of which we can change our destiny. We should make Dua in every condition as it will move you closer to Almighty Allah.
We feel stronger and confident after communicating with the Allah Almighty. After talking to him we sense and feel His mercy all around us. To achieve success we need to follow His path with commitment. Whenever we are in any difficulty we always turn to Allah and make Dua. We request Allah to show us the solution for the problem and guide us how to handle that difficulty. To make our efforts successful we seek His advice and seek His help in following the right path.

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Prayer is a great way to make the believer realize that he is alive. A person who spends his entire life in praying and making Dua is laden with awareness. The mercy and love of Allah surrounds the person like a cool breeze. They always keep remembering Allah and spend time in getting his blessings. No matter how much busy or engaged they are their heart and mind is with their Creator. While praying the person believes that he can see Allah. Though we cannot see Allah but he can see us. Making Dua teaches a person to be disciplined in life and believe in the fact that Allah can bless him with things which are out of his mind and thoughts. This makes the believer live a life that is vigorous.
Allah says that we should not only make Dua for ourselves but we should do it for our brothers, sisters, parents, spouses, children, teachers, friends and other destitute and benefactors. We should pray for their good Hereafter and good in this world. According to Holy Prophet “The dua of a Muslim for other Muslim is readily accepted”. There is no bigger joy than attaining the mercy and love of Allah Almighty who can see us, who knows about our thoughts and intentions, who knows about our secrets which no one can know about, who will help us when nobody is around and who can take care of us when nobody cares.

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