Vaccination required before leaving for Hajj/Umrah

Irrespective of the any pilgrimage you want to perform or maybe seeking to make, you would need to take into account many factors in the shape of the health requirements. These are to be followed in an attempt to comply with the healthy driven needs as enforced by the ministry of Healthy, Saudi Arabia. It is the set of things that need to be fulfilled by the passengers and travelers that would include the vaccine requirements needed to get into the country named Saudi Arabia. You always need to ensure the fulfillment of all requirements prior to the beginning of the journey. The vacation required before leaving for hajj/umrah.

The important factor you need to ensure is that you must be physically fit and the perfect in terms of health. It may turn out to be difficult for you to move towards the country of saudia Arabia especially you belong to the cold country in the shape of the UK as Saudi has altogether different climatic conditions. Prior to the performing of umrah and hajj, one would require ensuring the fulfillment of the medical and health related procedures in the shape of the vaccines.


Irrespective of the country you belong to, it is the necessary requirement on the part of the laws of the Saudi Arabia that every pilgrimage must be able to produce the certificate of vaccination in an attempt to make them feel confident that you do not have any disease. In order to get over with the vaccination process, you need to have done any of the 2 vaccines that are valid in the country named Saudi Arabia.

  • Conjugate vaccine: it is the single dose which has to be given to the children which must not be aged more than 8 years. This has to be done before the arrival in the Saudi Arabia on the part of the pilgrimage belonging to the any part of the world.
  • Polysaccharide vaccine: it is the one dose which must be given to no beyond three years along with no less than ten days. It has to be done to the pilgrim before the arrival of the country of Saudi Arabia.


As the matter of the fact, there has to be many things in the shape of the additional requirements that must be fulfilled on your part if you belong to the country that lies around the African Meningitis Belt. In case, you are the one who is planning to go for the pilgrimage in the upcoming winter vacations of the year of 2018, there must be many factors in terms of health requirements that you need to consider prior to the departure from your home country.

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