Umrah and Types of Umrah

The pilgrimage of Umrah and types of Umrah is the core area or Islamic subject in which we would like to throw light for the purpose of your enlightenment. As the matter of the fact, the Umrah, in terms of the Islam or Quran, is known to be the minor hajj or pilgrimage that has been the holiest act performed on the part of the Muslim believers and pilgrims who pour into country named Saudi Arabia with the aim of seeking the pleasure of Allah almighty. Umrah is the spiritual act or holy activity that helps the believer to clean his or her soul by getting close to the Allah. The fundamental reason behind the performance of the Umrah is considered to be the submission towards the one and only Allah in exchange of His never-ending blessings he has bestowed on us since the start of the life. Along with this, one must entirely commit himself or herself for the purpose of seeking the pleasure of Allah rather than engrossing and indulging in the worldly belongings or stuff that can only bring destruction or mishap in this life and hereafter. There are many types of Umrah, but we would be purely focused on the two umrah in the shape of the Umrah-ul-Mufradah and the Umrah-ul-Tammatu.

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It is the type of the umrah which does not have any connection with the hajj as it has been independent of hajj, the major pilgrimage. As the matter of the fact, this is the umrah that can be performed in any time period of the year as there is no boundary or restrictions as to when to perform this umrah. You are free to choose the time period needed to perform the umrah considering your convenience or easiness especially when you get time or vacation from the hectic schedule or the office work. In the last, this umrah offers you with the great deal of flexibility of time that cannot be given to you by any other type of umrah as prescribed by the Holy Quran or the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet PBUH.

It is the type of umrah that you can perform along with the performance of the major pilgrimage in the name of the Hajj during the month of the Zil-Hajj. It means, this umrah can be performed together with the Hajj simultaneously or at the same time.

The gathering of the Muslims Believers who belong to the wide range of countries or parts of the world in the city named Makkah reflects the immense level of unity amongst the Muslims. As the matter of the fact, you would be able to see the Muslims pouring into the city from the different countries, nations, languages, race and so on and forth. They all come for the purpose of performing the obedience towards the Allah almighty.

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