Umrah Travel Tips

Muslims can perform Umrah any time of the year. Especially in the month of Ramadan the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah are packed with people from all over the world to perform Umrah. This is accounted as a spiritual and religious experience of a lifetime. It is the eternal wish of every Muslim to spend time in the holy cities and perform Umrah during the month of Ramadan. Following are some of the tips to make your trip easy and memorable:

Visa Validity:
The Umrah visa usually lasts for two weeks so make sure you leave before the visa expires. It is highly recommended to follow the rules and regulation throughout the journey. It is a crime to over stay and punishments range from a heavy fine to deportation and in worse case ban to revisit.

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Permitted areas to travel:
If you are planning to travel outside Madina and Makkah make sure that you are allowed to travel in that particular region. Usually the Umrah travel visa allows moving around Madinah, Makkah and Jeddah. You can wander in the permitted region or go for shopping but do not move outside of restricted region.

Emergency Contact Numbers:
Keep yourself at a safer edge by keeping emergency numbers and important contact numbers with you. Try to keep always keep yourself a phone call away from your embassy and tour operator. It is advisable to know about your group members and exchange phone numbers for emergency times.

Off the Counter Medicines:
It is a good practice to take with you some elementary medicines for viruses, allergy, fever, flu and digestive disorders. You should also carry band aids and general painkillers. These things are helpful because many people come for Umrah from all over the world and the chances of exposure to diseases are high.To avoid health issues and problems it is a good plan to carry medicines with you.

Book hotels before leaving:
During the days of Umrah majority of the hotels of Makkah, Madinah and near the Haram are almost overbooked. It is a good idea to do some advance research on hotels offering economical hotels and reserve your accommodation before leaving for Umrah. Some good and affordable hotels tomake your experience memorable are Clock Tower Makkah, ZamZam Hotel Makkah and Hilton Hotel Makkah.

Before leaving for Umrah make a check list of items you should carry with you so that you do not forget any item. Some of them are: ahram, towel, umbrella, tooth brush, mouthwash, tooth paste with pair of sleepers, shampoo,soap and detergent of cloth washing, dry foods with few packs of biscuits,tissues and toilet tissue roll, carry basic medicines like Strepsils, Disprin, Cough Syrup Ponstan and Immodium, have few cups or glasses, nail cutter, scissors, few pair of socks, camera with sufficient batteries, one or two extra travel bags, a face cream or petroleum jelly as the weather is hot and dry and lastly a travel Iron, tea bags and water heater.

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