Things To Do Or Not To Do In Islam

Islam is a perfect religion. It is a complete code of conduct. No other religion of the world is as pure and perfect as Islam is. It teaches us the ways of living by discriminating between the right and wrong path. Every step in our life should be taken according to what Islam tells us because it gives the guideline of taking a single step. Islam has uniqueness and priority over all others religions and one of these unique features is that it does not only give the precautionary measures to take in life but also the solutions to the problems. These precautionary measures contain dos and don’ts that should be done or not be done respectively. Some of the teachings of Islam are:

Manners in Islam

According to the teachings of Islam, the manners of a person must be very good towards the creation of Allah. Creation simply means the creatures created by Allah. The things that have to be done regarding manners include the practice of talking softly to other people. Along with it, to help people who look for your help is also the part of good manners regardless of the fact that what other person does or did to you. Being the first in greeting others (saying salaam) is also the best etiquette. Other than them, you need to avoid being disrespectful to your elders. Consider being good too especially those who are ill, old, traveling, needy and weak. Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) said:
‘Dearest of Allah’s servants to Allah is the one who has good manners’

Arrogance in Islam

Arrogance or pride can be defined as treating others as you are superior, more important or better than they are. Arrogance is strictly forbidden by Islam. The worst person of all the people looks down on someone. This sort of attitude can never be the attitude of Allah’s servants. This is because of the fact that this attitude is the attitude of Satan who was declared outcast due to this. What Islam teaches us is that we should treat everyone equally. The superiority regarding wealth, beauty or skills is not a criterion to judge others because we do not know who’s a better servant of Allah. Rectitude and humbleness are what Islam teaches us. Holy Prophet’s (SAWW) hadith is interpreted as to call pride a reason for not entering the paradise.

Anger in Islam

Anger is another forbidden act in Islam. As Holy Prophet (SAWW) said:
“Strong is not the one who defeats the opponent during the fighting but the one who controls himself at the time of anger”
Controlling one’s anger is very difficult but a good act according to teachings of Islam. Anger is the type of emotion in which a person loses control over their mind and can possibly commit a sin. In order to avoid such a situation, Islam called it a forbidden act (haraam). You can possibly harm anyone so try to stop yourself while you get angry because better solutions come into your mind only when you are calm and collected.

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