Temporary Ban Imposes By Saudi Arabia On Umrah Pilgrims Over Coronavirus Fears

The temporary ban imposed by Saudi Arabia on Umrah pilgrims over Coronavirus fears has been said to have send the shockwaves across the globe especially for those who have already planned to head towards the Saudi Arabia for the purpose of performing the minor pilgrimage in the form of the Umrah with they being surrounded by the family members or the friends.

Furthermore, as a matter of fact, this development has been mentioned to be on a temporary basis. This has been followed by the irresistible fears associated with the prevalence of the Covid-19, the unmatchable coronavirus. It will restrict the ability of the people who want to perform the umrah to go to Saudi Arabia.

Moreover, Umrah is the minor pilgrimage as relative to the hajj that takes place on the annual basis. It involves the visiting of the Saudi Arabia, the country that hosts the holiest destinations of Islam. This includes the Kaaba or the Grand Mosque and so on and forth. It must be noted that the coronavirus has killed people beyond 2700 across the globe.

Importantly, the majority of such victims are the people who reportedly belong to the country named China. Along with that, some other twenty nine countries have also been affected and suffered. It is alarming to note that the cases have dramatically increased to 80,000.

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Significantly, according to the reports, it has been mentioned that the new Covid-19 has said to have emerged in the marketplace of the city of the China having the name of the Wuhan in the year of the 2019  surrounding the market of the wildlife that has ultimate infected more than 80,000 people belonging to the diverse walks of life and living in the distinctive nations of the world with the major chunk out of them is from the China that has been able to spread the fear and the troubles across the global communities trying to eliminate this disease and virus as soon as possible.

However, Iran is one of the major targets of this virus, the country that belongs to the Middle Eastern Region. This country witnessed the death of its 19 precious lives of the local inhabitants. Coupled with that, the countries like Iraq, Lebanon, Oman and Bahrain are also affected by this virus.

Lastly, all these respective countries have been seeking out ways to distance themselves from such diseases.

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