What does Sunnah Mean in Islamic Religion

What does sunnah mean in Islamic religion is the purpose of this blog that would try to enlighten your understanding related to the said term. As is the case with all the universal religions, Islam also has the specific and prescribed teachings and practices that have to be followed by its Muslims Believers to be known as the true believers. As the matter of the fact, the Muslims in the earlier years like some 1400 years ago used to write about the actions and saying of the Holy Prophet PBUH that ultimately have immense level of importance in the lives of the believers. This sunnah helps believers to use it as the guide to be able to change their lives and live according to the sayings and practices of the Holy Prophet PBUH. It has been observed that the examples associated with the life of the Holy Prophets PBUH plays the vital role in offering the guidance to the Muslims living in the different parts of the global village. These sunnah has been also used to for the architecture or written down of the Islamic law needed to govern the country of the particular state. The wide range of the examples and the sayings were jotted down by the then companions of the Holy Prophet to be able to gather them under the collection of holy books read worldwide. As the matter of the fact, the examples of the holy prophet once compiled in the book form are known to be the Hadith upon which the Islamic law relies.

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Appearance and physical traits of the Holy Prophet:
As the matter of the fact, it has been said that the height of the Holy Prophet PBUH was a bit larger than the height of the average person. He was the one who has the long muscular limbs along with the most significantly, tapering fingers. One of the important physical traits of the Holy Prophet PBUH was that he had the long hairs that were also thick in size or width. He had the greater forehead along with the long eyelashes. On the other hand, it has been also said about that appearance of the holy prophet PBUH that he had the sloping nose together with the well-set teeth and the large sized mouth. One of the attractive qualities of the holy prophet was the fact that he had the charming smile that makes it quite attractive to the people. According to the writings done by the close companion of the Holy prophet, it has been said that he had the fair color of the skin along with the handsome look and appearance. Hazrat Abu Bakr who was the close friend and companion of the Holy Prophet PBUH, the following lines and description about him was said: “As there is no darkness in the moonlit night so is Mustafa, the well-wisher, bright.”

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