Saudi Immigration And What To Expect Upon Arrival For Umrah

The Saudi Immigration and what to expect upon arrival for Umrah is something that we would discuss in this blog. We would be offering the basic information related to the Umrah and the Saudi immigration. As the matter of the fact, the arrival on the Saudi Arabia for the purpose of performing Umrah can turn out to be the good as well as the difficult experience for you. Many of the pilgrims find it hard to move out of the airport of Jeddah upon the arrival for Umrah so this guide would offer you the step by step guide needed to make your journey the best one of your life. Once you land at the airport of the country in the name of the Saudi Arabia, you would have to move towards the bus to be able to head towards the terminal that would make you through the immigration.
The immigration in the country named Saudi Arabia would consists of the following activities:
The passports of the pilgrims would highly likely to be checked by the Saudi immigration officials. You would be asked to get yourself photographed as your picture is needed for the purpose of meeting the requirements of the Saudi Immigration. Along with that, you would also be asked to get the fingerprints so that the proper documentation and registration can takes place.

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Once you are over with the process of the immigration, you would have to run through the process of the baggage reclaim. All you need to do is to keep the vigilant eye on the personal belongings and the stuff in an attempt to eliminate the chances of losing the items. You would be required to spot the personal material and belongings followed by heading towards the arrival lounge. Once you get done with the procedure of the Saudi immigration, the official airport would highly likely to approach you to be able to get to know about the company of what you sought the services of.
As the matter of the fact, the Saudi official would ask you for the itinerary, along with writing down the number of the passport of the respective pilgrims, but in some cases, they would be asking you even for the passport. In order to meet their requirement, you need be conscious while getting back your passport from the officials who asked you earlier for the purpose of the immigration. Once they get done with this, they would tend to pen down and jot down all the information related to the pilgrims followed by making you sit into the vehicle for the further. You need to check with the Saudi and immigration official whether they have paid the expense to the taxi or not. After all, the driver of the taxi would take you to the desire destination.

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