Sacrificing Of Animals During Hajj

The sacrificing of animals during the major pilgrimage in the shape of the Hajj is something worth noting across the world. As the Muslims and the one who goes to the city of Mecca or Medina for the purpose of performing the obligatory or the mandatory hajj will have to get engaged in the activity of the slaughtering of the animals in the best possible manner for it being the integral or the significant aspect of the Hajj as prescribed in the Holy Quran or the Hadith.

According to the reliable sources of the Arab world, it has been mentioned to be the fact that the more than 10 lac livestock in the shape of the animals were made ready for the purpose of the sacrifice. This was done in order to cater the much-needed obligation of Hajj pilgrims of the year of 2019. Not only this, the best part has to be revealed that says that the sacrificing of animals for meat has the potential to help those people who are considered to be the underprivileged along with not being able to have the meat to eat in the whole year owing to the unaffordability. This meat that sacrificed on the part of the Hajj pilgrims tends to be distributed amongst the poor that make the obligatory activity of the animal sacrificing acceptable for Allah almighty.


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According to the information revealed on the part of the concerned authorities, it was said that the 300 or more staff was made responsible for the monetary of the food, the products or the medicines for the Hajj pilgrims during the process of the meat distribution or the slaughtering of animals and livestock in the great numbers.

On the other hand, it was also said to be the fact that the concern people ensured to enhancement of the quantity of the slaughterhouses for the purpose of meeting the needs of the pouring of the huge number of hajj pilgrims who are obligated to sacrifice the meat or the animals to the greatest possible extent.


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It is the important fact that should be known to the wide ranging Muslims communities living in the diverse parts of word following the distinctive sects in their own way that they are to be sacrificing the animals once in the year. This activity is mandatory for those people who belong to that social class having the ability or the affordability to buy or sacrifice the animals once in the year. The best part remains to be the fact that the Muslims tend to engage in the endeavor of the sacrificing of the livestock that may be in the form of goats, sheep, calves or most importantly, camel or cow. This is done on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha for the purpose of the feast. It has to be followed by the distribution of meat amongst the poor as a gift.

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