Quran and Our Youth

Quran and our youth is the topic that we would be discussing in this blog. As the matter of the fact, you must have seen many people in the shape of the educators along with the parents who have been very worried about the youth as they have become quite vulnerable to the satanic temptation. Youth is the important segment of population that has become the significant challenge for the parents who find it hard to nurture their children and make them follow the right way as prescribed by the Holy Quran. It has been observed that the gaming along with the effects of the social media has created the massive range of problems and the negative effect on the vulnerable youth.

Why the Holy Quran:
The Quran has been the Holy Scripture that is needed to offer the guidance to the people who believe in the Islam and in the Almighty Allah. The Quran is able to educate the mankind by providing them the constant source of knowledge and information. As the matter of the fact, Quran is the holy book that has potential to act as the companion and holds the immense level of information, events, and the knowledge that is needed to improve the lives of the youth.


Ways to link the Quran with the youth:

● Play the Quran when traveling in car:
If you have the young children, try to play the Audio Quran in your car with the purpose of making your child the habit of the listening of the Holy Scriptures. This way, children and youth would be able to get familiar with the chapters and verses of the Quran.

● Reciting the known chapters as a whole:
Even if you are engaging in the household chores, you can recite the verses and chapters in front of your children. As the guardian, you can also recite the first verse of the particular chapter and making your child to continue with the following verses. You are supposed to do this practice with the help of the immense level of mercy.

● You must ensure that you are reciting the Holy Quran with the utmost level of zeal and enthusiasm:
You need to ensure in front of youth that you really love the holy scriptures of the holy Quran. You must become the family in which the Quran and its reading takes place on the daily basis with the great deal of zeal and interest.

● You need to become the teacher of your children:
As the matter of the fact, you need to listen the recitation of Quran of your children in the proper manner in an attempt to make necessary corrections while they are reading it. You have to be very motivating and encouraging towards your child in an attempt to make your children feel confident and motivated while reading or reciting the Quran.

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