How to Maintain Spirituality after Hajj

It has been observed that the Muslims who get over with the performing of the Hajj tend to get engross into the same family and routine life that restricts their ability to maintain the utmost significant level of spirituality in times to come. Although, the hajj is over for them and they get back to their near and dear ones, but the unforgettable memory of the hajj and the lessons that were learned meanwhile marks the lifetime change in one’s life. For the greater number of Muslims, the standard of spiritually increases for them that helps them to transform their lives and prevent the satanic temptations penetrating the minds and actions. Once you land at your home, the possibility of slipping back into the habits and acts that you used to do before the performance of the Hajj. In such situation maintain the high level of spirituality may appear to be complex and difficult for the people but again, it cannot be considered to be the impossible. This blogs would help you keep your spirit live and how to maintain spirituality after hajj.

Be Consistent, UmrahNHajj

Be Consistent:
The respectable pilgrim should keep himself engage in the same level of prayers, worship that he had to do during the performing of the holy obligation in the shape of the Hajj. As per the Hadith, Allah loves those who remain consistent in their prayers and worship. It may appear challenging when you have to get over with the household chores, office work, spending time with the family. Even if you are doing the small level of worship, it would be good if you remain consistent. So be realistic along with the maintaining the spirituals targets that you may have set during the hajj.

Expressing Gratitude to Allah, UmrahNHajj

Expressing Gratitude to Allah:
According to the holy Quran and Hadith, Allah said that you would be grateful; he will offer you more in your life. If you keep on expressing gratitude for the opportunity of hajj that Allah had bestowed upon you, it may help you get the invitation from the Allah to do Hajj again. Always remember the action and worship that you have done during hajj that would help you get close to Allah more and more.

Keep yourself clean, UmrahNHajj

Keep yourself clean:
Once you have been purified on the spot of Arafah, always keep yourself cleansed that would help you pinpoint your negative actions and sins quite easily. Even if you do commit the sin after the hajj, be quick to reach to Allah and repent for it as soon as possible as Allah always forgives.

Keep yourself Protected, UmrahNHajj
Keep yourself Protected:
As the matter of the fact, don’t let you get the negative sight or sounds that may get you commit the sins and ultimately corrupt the heart. Even if you get to the point or situation where you come across the bad images or people, try to eliminate them from your sight and change your track and images. It is possible if you keep on reciting and listening to the holy Quran so that you can keep yourself protected from the bad things.

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