How To Perform Hajj

Hajj is one of the five pillars of the Islam on the basis on which the religion of Muslims stands. The hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca) is the obligation which the Muslims belonging to the diverse walks of life have to perform once in his lifetime. As the matter of the fact, the adult Muslim regardless of the gender, with the sufficient and adequate amount of physical and financial means is obligated to undertake the holy traveling towards the Saudi Arabia’s city of Mecca in an attempt to perform the Hajj at least once in the lifetime. The Muslims belonging to the different parts of the world gather in the city of Mecca in the utmost and holy manifestation of the unmatchable faith, undivided unity and the great solidarity through performing of the rituals as done by the Holy Prophet PBUH in his last pilgrimage of life. The great number of believers gathers in the city of Mecca to perform hajj annually or once in the year.
It has been prescribed in the Holy Quran that the believer has to take part in the activity of pilgrimage once in his lifetime if he is financially and physically able as hajj is the significant obligation for all the Muslims. According to the statistics provided by the Saudi Arabia’s government, it has been noted that nearly 2 to 3 million Muslims participate in the 6 day ritual every year. Hajj is the main pillar of Islam. Muslim perform Hajj on the 12th month of the Islamic lunar calendar. Muslims have to perform specific and prescribed rituals in the same manner as performed by the Holy Prophet PBUH in his farewell pilgrimage. Hajj often appears to be complex for many of us owing to its rituals and practices. We have numerous ways that can guide us to perform hajj and distinctive schools of Islamic thought that makes the immense level of scholarly division amongst the Muslims for the performance of hajj.
Muslims has to be ready to perform the hajj with the pure intention and merely for the purpose of seeking the blessings of the Almighty Allah. Hajj is the major obligation for the Muslims who have to perform it with the utmost dedication and sincerity. One has to learn the rituals of the hajj, with clearly the mind off the worldly material things. He should be repentant for the sins he has committed in his life as these sins will likely to be erased from his life during the period of pilgrimage. Hajj is the worship which Muslims has to undertake for purpose of pure devotion towards Allah. If one has the intention of securing the worldly fame and the worldly gains in his life, his hajj cannot be performed.

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Step By Step Guide:

Enter Ihram (the sacred state):

It is the first ritual of hajj which makes pilgrimage to enter ihram that is the sacred state of the pilgrims while crossing the outside boundaries of the city of Saudi Arabia in the name of Mecca. On the 8th of dhul-hijjah, Muslims or believers have to enter ihram that ensures wearing of the plain garments—2 unstitched clothes for men and loose-fitting clothes for females. Not only this, it has to be ensured that one has not to be engaged in the sex-driven activity or anger.

Head to Mina, A Sprawling Tent City:

The Muslims have to move towards the city of mina from the city of Mecca through foot along the pilgrim path else the public transport in the shape of buses and cars. It is the 8 km long journey which the pilgrims have to undertake. Afterwards, the Muslims will have to spend a day in the city of mina with majority of the time is allocated towards prayers.

Spend The Day At Arafat:

The day of the Arafat (a great day for the Muslims) has been known to be the significant day in respect to hajj and the Islamic calendar. Arafat’s mount mercy was the place where the holy prophet PBUH gave his last sermon to the believers. Once Muslims undertook a traveling of 14.4 km from mina, they spend their day in the prayers and remembrance of Allah. Muslims living in other parts of the world choose to fast on the day of the Arafat.

Collect Pebbles At Muzdalifah:

After sunset, pilgrims start traveling again towards the place known as Muzdalifah. This place is about 9km trip. This is the place where they have to spend their night under the stars. Not only this, many will attempt to accumulate pebbles which they have to use for the following ritual on the very next day. Then, pilgrims have to leave the place before the sunrise.

Throw Stones At The Pillars:

Muslims will start their day in the place of Muzdalifah followed by the traveling towards the mina before the period of dawn. While being in the city of mina, pilgrims have to perform the first rami which mean throwing the seven pebbles or stones at the largest of three columns with the name of Jamarat. The act of casting the stones has to be followed by the performing of the sacrifice on the part of the pilgrims. The believers have to slaughter the sheep, goat or cow by paying the amount for it. After this, they have to shave their hair (only for males) and remove their ihram clothes. The majority of the Muslims move towards Mecca in order to perform tawaf and saee which means to move around the Kaaba for seven times. And they have to walk 7 times between the historical hills of safa and marwa.

Final Days In Mina:

Muslims will be spending their days in mina while now throwing 7 stones at three pillars. Once they get done with the time in mina, the Muslims return to Mecca in an attempt to perform the last and final tawaf that is to moving around the kabah.

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