History Of Namaz

Namaz is one of the five basic pillars of Islam. It is one of the dearest deeds to God, and so every Muslim has Namaz craved on his heart too. Namaz involves praying and worshipping Allah, five times a day. When the Moazzan (The person who calls for prayer) performs Adhaan, all the Muslims leave everything they are doing and gather in a nearby masjid to perform this religious deed. It I an obligatory task so every Muslim has this on priority.
There is a specific ritual into which namaz has to be performed. First the Muslims have to perform Wudhu, the act of cleanliness and becoming pure. After that they stand in the direction of the holy Kaaba, and perform their prayer. Every Muslim who turns seven years of age has namaz as a religious obligation for him. So, the children start practicing this at a very young age, till their life continues. It is considered to be a great blessing indeed to be able to perform Namaz.

History of Namaz:

Namaz has always been around in the religion. However, there are any narratives about the descend of namaz in Islam. Some people consider that namaz has always been around, ever since the first messenger of Allah came onto Earth. But at that time, namaz was only a regular worship. It is said that namaz took its current form on the night of Miraj. When Hazrat Muhammad SAWW went on to the journey of the skies, and came back with the gift of Namaz and Salah. However, it is also said that during this night, the number of the daily prayers was set to be a lot more than it is today, but upon the special request of Hazrat Muhammad SAWW, it was reduced to what it is today. i.e. five prayers daily.
In other narratives however, the prayers had been around long before the night of Miraj. Some people say that the Prophet SAWW used to perform the prayers while he was in Makkah. He and his companions used to perform the prayers away from the eyes of Quraish because they used to create hurdles in the way and used to trouble them. Only after their migration to Madinah, were they able to perform their prayers openly without any hesitation or trouble. That’s when they started openly practicing the teachings of Islam with all of their hearts. Namaz has always been one of the favorite religious practices of Muslims all across the globe.

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Benefits of Namaz:

Namaz has so many benefits that they are almost impossible to count. It makes us stay away from all kinds of bad habits and keeps us in a state of mental and physical purity. Namaz makes us punctual and well disciplined. All of these habits are the key elements into making a successful person. Namaz has innumerous rewards in this life and the life hereafter. It makes you glow from the insides, the Noor of Allah. It will keep you down to Earth and close to Allah.
May Allah SWT make us all punctual towards namaz ameen.

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