Hajr e Aswad

The Hajr e Aswad is the black stone that has the immense level of significance in the religion of island and the Islamic history of the Muslims who belong to the different parts of the world. As the matter of the fact, this is the black stone which is placed at the center or the mid-point of the holy and sacred place for the Muslims in the shape of the Ka’bah. This is the holy stone which was send down on the earth on the part of the Allah who is the All-creator and the All-powerful in an attempt to estimate the exact spot and the place where the kabah or the House of the Allah has to be established. The important and the significant part seems to be the one which says that the Hajr E Aswad helps and allows Muslims believers to get start with the act of the 7 times round around the Kabah that they have to made for the purpose of pilgrimage. This is the spot from where they start and end the act of the circumambulation. One of the important facts of the Islamic history remains to be the fact that the black stone seems to be the important relic for the Muslims believers, the event of which can be tracked back to the dates of the Hazrat Adam. As the matter of the fact, the reverence of the black stone can be interpreted with the help of the Hadith of the Holy Prophet PBUH which makes it the important part or the aspect of the Islamic history.

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It has been mentioned that the Hajar Al-Aswa, the Black stone lies in the eastern part of the Holy and the sacred place of Ka’bah. The pilgrim who is the Muslim Believer would have to face this stone while the process of the Tawaf goes on that is the important part of the pilgrim let it be the hajj or the umrah. As the matter of the fact, it can be said that with the passage of the thousands of Islamic year, the millions of the people who are considered to be the Muslims having graced with the performance of the Umrah or the Hajj have been able to put their blessed lips on the black stone. These are the people who must be the pious or the pure hearted Muslims believers who have been able to get themselves free from the sins that they may have committed in their lives. On the other hand, the Holy Prophet PBUH himself placed his blessed lips on the Black stone. According to the Islamic history of the religion of the Islam, it was told by the holy scriptures and the interpretation by the clerics that the Hajar al-Aswad is the holy stone that was brought to the earth from the Jannah which was given to the Prophet Ibrahim so that it can be set in eastern corner of the holy Kabah.

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