Hajj Step By Step Guide

Hajj step by step is the most important piece of information and the knowledge for the people who are considered to be the Muslims believers who belong to the different parts of the world. The Millions of the believers tend to head towards the city of the Mecca for the purpose of performing Hajj in an attempt to seek out the pleasure of Allah. The Muslims Pilgrimage has to follow the prescribed order of the behavior and the actions on the part of the Holy Prophet PBUH in the best possible manner. Participating in this major pilgrimage has to be considered to be the obligation for the people who are highly likely to have the robust nature of the financial means. According to the statistics, it has been revealed that the more than 3 million people tend to take part in this 6 day rituals and the holy actions. Hajj takes place in 12th month of the calendar called as the Islamic from the 18th to the 13th days of this month. The specific nature of the practices and the rituals that are now performed by the Muslims today are the ones that were done by the Holy Prophet PBUH in the years of the 632 AD. As the matter of the fact, it has been mentioned to be the fact that the Hajj as the major pilgrimage known to be the complex and the sophisticated which can be performed with the help of the wide range of the ways that are driven by the distinctive Islamic thoughts. We have been able to help you get to know about the steps that are to be followed by the Muslims who tend to perform to Hajj in this blog in the best possible manner.


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DAY 1:

Enter Ihram (the sacred State)

As the matter of the fact, the first and the foremost rite or the ritual that one has to get himself engage in entering in the Ihram that is known to be the sacred state of the pilgrim. This is done while heading from the external part of the mecca in the shape of the Miqat. On 8th of the month of the Dhul-hijjah, Muslims believer and the pilgrims need to enter into the state of the Ihram that means wearing of the plain garments.

Traveling towards the Mina:

The Muslims have to head towards the tent-city named as the Mina with the help of the foot or the cars or the most significantly, the buses. The total distance will be about 8 km. they have to spend the day in this city. They have to keep themselves engage in the praying together with the seeking out the pleasure of the Allah Almighty.

Day 2:

Spend the day at Arafat:

As the matter of the fact, this day is known to be quite significant and the imperative days in terms of the Islamic calendar. Once the completion of the journey of the 14.4 km from the city of the Mina, the Muslims spend the day in the highly important and the significant prayer. Muslims choose to keep the fast on the day this is called the day of the Arafat.

Collect pebbles at Muzdalifah:

After the time of the sunset, the Muslims Pilgrims have to head towards the Muzdalifah which is the 9 km tour where they have to engage in the practice of sitting under the stars together with the spending of the night. As the matter of the fact, many seek to gather the pebbles for the rites that follow tomorrow after leaving the site prior to the sunrise.

Day 3:

Throw stones at the pillars:

The people who are considered to be the hajj performers tend to consider this day as the highly big day with being the longest day of the pilgrimage and the drastic as well. On the 10thDhul-Hijjah, the Muslims celebrate the Eid al-adha, in the different part of the world in the best possible manner. The Muslims then begin the day in the Muzdalifah with the traveling back to the city named as the Mina prior the dawn. After reaching the Mina, Muslims tend to perform the ritual of the Rami that involves throwing 7 pebbles at the biggest 3 columns called as the Jamarat. Once done with the throwing of the stones, they have to perform the important ritual called as the sacrifes. They would be slaughtering the sheep, camel or the most significantly, the cow. The process of the sa’ee and the tawaf will be followed then that includes the traveling 7 times between the hills of the safa and the Marwa.

Day 4 and 5:

Final days in Mina:

On every single day, the Muslims pilgrims have to stone at the devil following the practice symbolically. They have to be engaged in this activity when throwing the 7 pebbles at the 3 pillars. Once they get done with this process that is considered to be the most difficult part of the Hajj pilgrimage, they will be spending 2 to 3 days in the city of the Mina. As the matter of the fact, the time in Mina when gets completed, the Muslims believers have to get back to the city named as the Mecca for the purpose of performing the final round of the Tawaf. Prior to the traveling towards the home for the resting and the accommodation, many Muslims will head towards the city in the form of the Media which is called as the holiest city in the religion of the Islam. This is holy owing to the fact that this is the place where the holy Prophet PBUH is buried together with the companions and the friends. As the matter of the fact, the visit of the Media has not the integral or the obligatory aspect of the Hajj pilgrimage.

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