Following Are a Few Virtues and Sunnah acts of Jummah that should be observed

According to the teachings of the holy Quran and the Hadith, it has been mentioned to be the fact that the Friday has been the highly significant day of the week in the best possible manner. Friday is the day in which the Jummah prayer has to be offered along with the imams having to make the sermon regarding to any topic that they have chosen from the Holy Quran, life of the Holy Prophet PBUH and the most importantly, the close companions of the Prophet PBUH. As the matter of the fact, the wide range of the Hadiths have been managed to make the message to the Muslims believers belonging to the diverse parts of the world that the Holy Prophet PBUH in his lifetime, celebrate the Friday as we celebrate the Eid day. This signifies the importance of the Friday and its prayer in the lives of the Muslims. The best part remains to be the fact that the different sunnah of the Prophet PBUH that tells us about the acts of the Friday prayer making us to get to know about the prescribed order of the acts that we must follow.

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Following are a few virtues and Sunnah acts of Jummah (Friday) that should be observed:

  1. The Muslims believer ought to head towards the masjid for the Jummah prayer as soon as possible in an attempt to go in line with the practices of the Holy Prophet PBUH.
  2. One has to get his or her nails cut along with the using of the ittar which is known to be the non-alcoholic perfume on the day of Friday in the best possible manner.
  3. Taking of the Ghusl is very important as it is considered to be the obligatory bath for the Muslims who have to offer the Friday prayers.
  4. It has been said to be the fact that the Muslims believers must adopt the best attire for the purpose of being able to perform the Friday prayer.
  5. One should use the Miswak or the brushing of teeth in order to eliminate the chances of the bad smell of your mouth distracting or disturbing others.
  6. One of the best virtues acts of the Jummah or the congressional prayer has to be the sending of the too many blessings towards the one and only Holy Prophet PBUH with the help of the praying the Darood many times in the single day of the Friday.
  7. One must sit somewhere near to the person imam, who delivers the sermon, in order to get his deliverance of the message clearly and smoothly.
  8. As the matter of the fact, it has been said that the best acts of the Jummah is the one that the person must pay attention to the Khutbah being delivery by the imam quite attentively rather than engaging in the talk with any person sitting next to him.

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