Five Pillars of Islam

Islam has given five pillars to all its followers. It is a solid framework for the Muslims and they can spend their lives on it. It helps improving their lifestyle and community. These five pillars are the basics of Muslim’s Life style. They perform in their routine life on the basis of Islam’s teachings. Following these rules and regulations and their implementation in the living style makes life better and full of convenience. These are the basic rules that provides the social norms for people. In this way, how should they need to spend in their routine life and good deeds are good for humans. These five pillars of Islam are given below

Kalma, Faith

Muslims believe that there is one God and Muhammad is his prophet. He came into the world to convey the message of Allah. It is the basic and central theme of Islam. It is an Arabic phrase that is the translation of Muslim Kalama. Muslim called it shahada. It is the evidence that Allah is one and almighty and everything is under his supervision and charge. Allah almighty controls the world and everyone has to complete all tasks as per his instructions and commands.

Salah or Prayer

A Muslim prays five times a day from dawn to dusk. They pray facing kaaba and this is Muslim’s worship to Allah. In Arabic, it is called Salah. In this worship Muslims recite the verses of their Holy Book Quran. Men perform prayer in Mosque and ladies at home. The mission of the prayers is to show obedience of Allah. Muslims gather in Mosque and it increases hospitality and cooperation between them. It is the cause of improving socialism in people. Prayer is the right way to attain spirituality. It keeps Muslims away from the evils.

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Sayyam or Fasting

Fasting is in Arabic is Saoum and its plural is sayyam. Muslims leave eating and drinking for the sake of Allah before Fajr prayer and they break their fast in the Maghrib time. They have to bear hunger and thirst for the whole day. Not only this, fasting means Muslims have to control their thoughts and they act on piety. It teaches discipline and control. This is one of the Pillars that is important to increase piety. Muslims fast 30 days in the month of Ramadan. They perform all good deeds and virtues. It is compulsory to fasting for every adult men and women.


It is 4th pillar of Islam and all the financially capable people has to pay alms. They have to pay 2.5 % on their saved property, things, ornaments and cash. Muslims have to pay this amount to poor people in their surroundings.


This is the 5th Pillar that is obligated once in the life. All the Muslims who can afford have to perform this worship once in their life. They go to Mecca and perform Hajj. Muslims around the globe come here to perform Hajj in Mecca every year.

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