Best Time To Book Your Umrah Package

All the Muslims of the world want to do the umrah for the blessing of Allah but there are some months in which you will be having the good type of umrah package and also the cheap package. Latest try to find the package which is going to be good for your mind and also for your pocket.


Ramadan is the best month to travel to Saudi Arabia for umrah but it is very expensive because there are millions of people who want to visit for umrah in this month. The reason is that according to the hadees of Muhammad Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, if you will do the umrah in Ramadan then it will be like doing the Hajj with me. So you can understand how much blessed this month is.


If you want to do the cheap umrah then it is preferable that you should visit in the month of October to December. Preferably from the start of the Muharram month which is the first Islamic month you will be able to get the umrah packages. Because in the month of Ramadan they are not many places and also not much allowed by the Saudi government.


Now depends on the country you are living there are many different packages available. If you can afford then you should get the gold or platinum package which will be the best and you will be able to get the best room which is going to be near to the masjid Al haram and also masjid Al nabawi. The nearest the hotel the easiest to reach the hotel for the Salah. But if you can’t afford then you should get the economy package.


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The rates will be very much different for these packages. For example if you will get the gold or platinum package then it will be around £900 to £1300 for around 10 to 15 days. But if you will get the economy package then it will be around £450 to £650. In this package, you will be sharing the room with different people but in the gold package you will not be sharing the room and also you will be getting the good type of facilities. If you are going to do the umrah in the month of December, then it will be cheap on your pocket and all the packages will be very affordable for you.


December is not very far away so you should try to find the good type of agency who has experience in this field and will be able to give you the package according to your budget in the month of December. It is preferable that you should try to get the package and also book it as soon as possible to get the good rates.

I think the rates and the good time to visit for the umrah is decided that it should be at the end of the year but it depends on your requirement. But there is no restriction on individual people. If you are going with family then you can try to go in the month of December but if you are going alone then you can also visit in the month of Ramadan but it will be expensive on your pocket and also will be crowded.

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