Benefits Of Roza

Roza is a spiritual practice that leaves a positive impact on the heart, mind, and body. It is third most important pillar of Islam. In the Holy Quran, there are several verses in the importance of Roza for all Muslim. Ramadan is a sacred month for all Muslims in the lunar calendar. They fast for thirty days, and they perform prayers to show their tolerance and sacrifice for the sake of Allah almighty.

They fast as the action of worship. Ramadan is 9th month of Muslim Calendar. Every adult Muslim has to fast in this month from dawn to dusk. They cannot eat, drink, immoral actions, and anger. They have to keep themselves busy in charity, Reciting Quran, prayer, and other ethical tasks. The aim behind fasting is to build the quality of righteousness, outwardly, and inwardly. Muslims has to abstain from sinful actions. It is the right way to train our personalities to control our desires and thoughts.

Benefits in Islam

Roza is for Allah Almighty, and he will reward it. Fasting during Ramadan produces taqwa in humans. From the root meaning of this word, it is to guard. Righteousness and god-fearing are the two benefits that a Muslim gets when he fasts. It is a virtue and Allah rewards for this virtue because it is only for Allah. This virtue produces purity of heart, patience, generosity, and many more. Roza is a virtue that works as a shield against sins and unethical tasks. It protects our inward from indulging sins and other unethical deeds.

Health benefits

There are several health benefits of fasting during Ramadan. It is an ideal time for weight loss and to get rid of several other diseases. The majority of people do not like swallowing pills to lose their weight. They find it hard to swallow the pills, and the majority of the people think that it will make sick due to its side effects because these weight loss pills contain chemicals. If you are thinking so, then cleanse the body with fasting is the right option for you. The majority of the people, especially women feel it easy and safe to take, for weight loss. With fasting, you can improve your metabolism. Fasting promotes control of blood sugar. It reduces insulin resistance in the body. It decreases the risk of diabetes. For the majority of heart patients, fasting plays a vital role. They can maintain their blood pressure and cholesterol level.

Scientific benefits

As per scientific research, Roza has been proved a wonderful practice for humans. It is related to reduced inflammation, blood sugar levels, reduced insulin resistance, and oxidative stress. It improves brain function and promote longevity. Yes, it helps you live longer. It is a kind of therapy that provides your organs and systems of the body to have a break for a month. It improves the function of your digestive system and cleanses the body. In this way, you will be able to cleanse your body.

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