Benefits Of Reciting Surah Mulk Every Night

We should memorize Surah-e-Mulk, study its meaning in a way that when we recite it, it should increase our presence in the prayers.

Protection in the grave:

This surah is a guardian and a savior from the punishment of the grave.When the deceased is buried in the grave, which is most scary place where he can’t pretend, a place of worms, this surah will protect him from all this.On the day of Judgement this Surah will intervene for the one who recited it in the world till he his forgiven.

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Recitation before sleeping:
It guards the one who recites it before sleeping as an angel is sent to protect him till he awakes. It is one of the most important surah of Quran so one must recite it before sleeping.

Multitude of blessings:
You can receive lot of blessing by reciting this surah just for some minutes. If you can’t read the whole surah than read a part of it as the ending two quls are suggested to be read before sleeping.

Only Allah can give life and death. Creation of man has a purpose behind it. This life is given to him to test him and this test continues for whole of his life in this world.
Every human is given the choice in this world, whether to choose the right or wrong path.
Only Allah will make the decision that who has done the right or wrong, we have not the authority to evaluate this. Each of us will be rewarded according to our actions.
Everything is done for Allah and in accordance with the teaching of Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). He is the adored prophet of Allah. We should study the teaching of holy prophet and then apply in our lives.
In this world people have their own method of worshipping. We can only enter Paradise if we worship Allah and follow Quran and the teaching of Muhammad (P.B.U.H).
Besides man all other creations in this world are created with purpose as raising and setting of sun, if anything in this world doesn’t perform accordingly than this world will lead to disaster. Same is the case with our lives.
We can only understand the wonders if we consider all verses of all Sunahs. This is the way we can understand the creations of Allah and the memo of Islam.
We must not ignore the wrath of Allah. Allah recaps us about those who were neglectful of the message of Allah rejected faith and didn’t follow Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and were punished.
Reference is made to the Qaum e- Lut who challenged Hazrat Lut and the stones were showered on them because they were involved in homosexuality.
This Surah is of such an importance because it defines the penalty of Allah. Life is the benediction of Allah not the blasphemy, actually it’s a test. Allah is merciful and if we make tawbah Allah definitely will forgive us.

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