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The pilgrims for Hajj and Umrah can enter Saudi Arabia from Medinah or Jeddah Airport only. Medinah airport is called Prince Mohammad bin AbdulAziz International Airport. It handles domestic flights within Saudi Arabia and international flights from Dubai , Doha, Cairo and Istanbul. During Umrah and Hajj season charter international flights also arrive at this airport. With Umrahnhajj you can book flights from all United Kingdom airports to Medinah with cheap hotels.

You will find the best fares for your trip to Medinah from our travel experts. We can plan your journey travelling to Medinah Airport for Hajj and Umrah. On arrival in Medinah your transportation is available to take your from Airport to hotel and same way on the return journey. You will get best facilities and comfortable journey for your trip to Medinah

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