About 5 Star Triple Sharing Hajj Packages

22 Days Package


Price Starting from £ 6390 Per Person

Hajj Program:

*Departure from London Heathrow on the 1st Dhul Hijjah (23rd August 2019*)

*Arriving to Jeddah Airport then leaving to our Hotel in Makkah.

*Journey to Makkah will take approximately 60-90 minutes by air-conditioned coaches.

*In Makkah we will be staying at 5* Infinity hotel on a half board basis (breakfast and dinner). Infinity hotel is within walking distance from Haram Sherieff located in Ajyad street.

*After checking in at the hotel, we will perform our Umrah insha-Allah

*Between 2nd and the 8th Dhul Hijjah, Pilgrims are free to tour the Holy city of Makkah and perform

as many Umrah's as you wish.

*On the 8th Dhul Hijjah we will travel to Mina via air-conditioned coaches.

*We will be staying in furnished tents with VIP services, each Hajji will have their own sofa bed, pillow & cover.

(Full Board in Mina with 24hr access to hot and cold drinks)

*On the 9th Dhul Hijjah we will go to Arafat & to Muzdalifah,then again we will go to Mina untill 13th Dhul Hijjah

From 13th to 15th we will be back in Makkah.

*On the 15th Dhul Hijjah we will travel to Al-Maddinah Al-Munawarah by coach & journey will take aprroximately 5-6 hours.

*In Maddinah we will be staying at the 5 star Leader hotel (formerly Radisson Blu) on a half board basis.

*On the 22nd Dhul Hijjah (13th September 2019*) we will arrive at London Heathrow insha-Allah.

(*Please note that the dates shown for air travel are subject to availability and confirmation from the Airline and based on Um al-Qura calender date conversion)

Accommodation in Makkah:

We will be staying at 5* Infinity hotel, which is walking distance from Al-Haram Al-Makkai Al-Sharif.

The hotel accommodation will include fridge, TV, En-Suite bath & toilet. Breakfast and Dinner included

Based on 4 sharing.

Accommodation in Maddinah:

We will be staying at Leader (Radisson Blu) hotel in Maddinah, opposite Masjid al Nabawi

Accomodation includes:

Fridge, TV, private bath, toilet and sitting room.

Half Board basis (breakfast and dinner) included.

Based on 4 sharing.

Hajj Package Details:

  • Length of package is 22 days, 16 days in Makkah (of which 5 days will be in Tents Mina/Arafat/ Muzdalifa) and 6 days in Maddinah.
  • Depart from London Heathrow on 1st Zul Hijjah/23rd August 2019 (Egypt Air).
  • Arrive at Jeddah airport (via Cairo).
  • Air-conditioned coaches from Jeddah to Hotel in Makkah.
  • Accomodation in Makkah 5* Infinity hotel, walking distance from Haram with Breakfast.
  • Stay in Makkah from 1st -8th Zul Hijjah.
  • Depart to Mina on 8th Zul Hijjah via air conditioned coaches.
  • Full board in Mina.
  • Stay Between Mina/Arafat/Muzdalifa until 13th Zul Hijjah.
  • Back to hotel in Makkah until 15th Zul Hijjah.
  • Leave to Maddinah on 15th Zul Hijjah via coach.
  • Stay in Maddinah from 15th – 22nd Zul Hijjah.
  • Accomodation in Maddinah is 5* Leader hotel (formerly Radisson Blu) on a half board basis.
  • Fly out from Maddinah back to London (via Cairo on 22nd Zul Hijjah).


  • Pre-Hajj Seminar in London 2 weeks before we fly out.

  • Fellow pilgrims as well as Holy Man (imam/sheikh) and group leaders will be there so everybody can get to know each other before we fly out and have all their questions answered.

  • London to Jeddah via Cairo, we stop over in Cairo for 2 hours in special Hajj terminal so we can put on our Ihram clothes and pray before setting off to Jeddah
  • Hotel in Makkah with-in walking distance of Haram, meaning you can go to pray when you hear the Azan from your hotel room.
  • Maddinah hotel luxurious 5 star hotel opposite Prophet's Mosque (pbuh) with a large buffet breakfast and dinner to keep you fueled for the day as well as having access to a Gym, sauna, wifi, room service, laundry, international calls
  • Multi-Lingual group leaders and holy man (imam/sheikh) with you every step of the way
  • Daily seminars and talks with group leaders and Imam with question and answer sessions
  • Family feel
  • Special Family Suites
  • NON-SHIFTING meaning your hotel in Makkah does not change for your entire stay (1st – 15th Zul Hijjah) even when we go to the tents in Mina/Arafat/Muzdalifa, the Hotel is available and you always have access to your rooms and personal belongings at all times meaning you can make trips from tents to hotel when ever you want.
  • European Tents
  • Full board while in tents (breakfast, lunch and dinner) as well as 24hr service of hot and cold drinks free of charge.
  • VIP services in tents including air-conditioning, sofa beds, pillow and cover.
  • Seminar in the Tents given by Holy person
  • Trip from Makkah to Maddinah will be hassle free as we send all MAIN luggage to Maddinah first in special vans then Pilgrims follow after in Deluxe air-conditioned coaches with toilet.
  • Ziyarat In Maddinah
  • Return flight is from Maddinah meaning there is no long coach journey back to Jeddah Airport (saving up to 24hrs in transportation) as well as the Maddinah airport is only 30 minutes from the hotel.
  • Each person has a baggage allowance of more than 60kg comprised of

  • 2 x 23 kg luggage, 10 kg hand bag, 5 litre Zamzam water

  • Free string bag
  • Free carrier pouch for shoes and footwear
  • Free pouch for Jamarat (stones)
  • Special discounts for groups of 4 or more. Call for more Info.
  • Emergency Medical Care through out your Hajj


Free Wifi

Free Drinks

Free Meal

Taxi Available

Bar Available


Free Coffee


Pet Room


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Best Place to Stay, Awesome

One of the best Umrah family services offered by Umrahnhajj.co.uk . Very comfortable and relaxing journey. Will refer my friends to you

James, USA

Best Place to Stay, Awesome

Last month l went for Umrah with my wife and children. Our stay at Madinah and Makkah hotels was excellent. Looking forward to travel back next year again with you.

Petter, UK

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